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KWB Easyfire 1

Pellet heating system 10/15/20 kW

The Austrian quality product is a proven solution for single- and multi-family homes and is available with hopper or as KWB Easyfire 1 Plus with automatic fuel filling.

Heating with KWB quality

  • 40,000-times proven combustion system
  • Easy filling from a storage container with 200 l volume
  • Extra-charge item: Ash compaction and automatic heat exchanger cleaning
Power 10-20 kW
Energy source Wood pellets
Application Ein- oder Mehrfamilienhaus

The core of the KWB Easyfire 1 pellet heating system is our 40,000-times proven burner system. The underfeed combustion system's large burner plate area ensures a stable fuel bed and a clean combustion. We optionally offer the KWB Easyflex automatic burner plate cleaning which makes the heating runs even more reliable.

It is quick and easy to refuel thanks to the 200 litre storage container. When the pellet fuel supply is getting low, a refill meter on the heating system’s display will indicate that it is time to add more pellets. This makes sure you keep comfortably warm without any interruptions.  

Added comfort is ensured with extra-charge items such as the ash compaction that extends the emptying intervals as well as an automatic heat exchanger cleaning.


The KWB Easyfire 1 is equipped with the KWB Comfort 3 control system.

Like all KWB products, the KWB Easyfire 1 seduces by its superior quality.

Advantages in detail

40,000 times tested combustion system

40,000 times tested combustion system

Clean due to under-feed combustion system

Clean due to under-feed combustion system