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KWB Comfort 3

Easy operation

The KWB Comfort 3 interface has 2 buttons, a dial and a well laid out graphic display. The intuitive menu provides for easy control of the heating system.

The regulation KWB Comfort 3 enables simple and comfortable control of KWB Multifire pellet and wood chip boilers, KWB Pelletfire Plus pellet boilers and KWB Powerfire pellet boilers. All settings are made only using 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. The clear graphic display and oversized offers good readability.

It is also easy to configure the parameters for the boiler, heating circuits and buffer tank by using the logically structured menu system. As an option we offer two control units for the living area – the digital model or the analogue model.

The user-friendly KWB Comfort 3 control platform provides the following extensions for even greater convenience:

KWB Comfort SMS

  • Enables operation and monitoring by means of SMS
  • Query current operating statuses
  • Active control of the heating system (switch on/off, holiday programme, party operation)

KWB Comfort Visio

  • Visualisation, remote monitoring and remote operation of the heating system using a PC
  • Automatically adapts to the heating system – just switch on and off you go
  • Comprehensive data recording and evaluation options

KWB Comfort InterCom

  • Enables data exchange with external systems
  • Ideal for higher-level control and visualisation systems and building automation systems
  • All parameters of the heating system operation can be read out
  • Exchange data via serial connection, network connection or analogue modem connection

Control platform components:

Boiler control unit / digital remote control unit

Makes it possible to control one or more heating circuits with room sensor and to confi
gure and monitor the heating circuit, DHWC and buff er tank management directly at
the boiler or from the living room.



Heating circuit expansion module

Enables the control of maximally 2 heating circuits, one DHWC and one buff er tank
(with 2 sensors) per module. Operation and monitoring are carried out using the boiler
control unit or optionally using digital remote control devices.

Analogue remote control unit

Easy operation for one heating circuit with room sensor, respectively, consisting of a
dial for adjusting the desired room temperature by ±5 °C and a 4-position slide switch
for selecting the heating program: automatic mode, lowering mode, frost protection
mode or day operation mode.

KWB Comfort Solar

The solar control system ensures the optimized storage of sun energy in the storage
system and is characterized by self-explanatory and easy user navigation. A convenient
commissioning wizard is available to heating engineers.