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KWB Comfort 4

Dual operation

The new KWB Comfort 4 heating control system with dual control permits a customised and cost-optimised heat supply as well as the convenient operation of your heating system.

Easy and flexible control

Easy operation

KWB Comfort 4 control module with wheel and touch screen. Flexibility even remotely (Smartphone, computer).






Heating with highest efficiency

An individual time program is highly convenient, particularly when you need to efficiently bridge the times when you are away from home. The KWB Comfort 4 guarantees optimal recharging of the buffer storage tank in log-wood or pellet operation.

The pellet boiler KWB Easyfire and the log boiler KWB Classicfire are equipped with the KWB Comfort 4 heating control system. The dual operation concept - wheel with two keys and color touch screen - just like the intuitive command structure enable the simple and flexible use of your boiler. It can also be controlled remotely. 

Save on fuel and costs

KWB Comfort 4's practical fill level sensor will always display how much log-wood you need to add to efficiently operate your KWB Combifire log wood and pellet system. As soon as the log-wood refill door is opened, the pellet module will stop operating. The combination boiler automatically takes care of switching between fuels in an optimized manner, which saves fuel and thus costs!

Comfortable consistent heat

The request ensures that your log-wood boiler automatically ignites as soon as the heating system requests heat. The system thus consistently maintains the room and warm water temperatures that you specified in the system.